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Obama’s First Post Reelection Press Conference

  1. nytimes
    Live video now: Watch Barack Obama’s press conference followed by NYT analysis
  2. 05255969
    Obama Press Conference: Stonewalls on Benghazi, Petreaus, Pushes Tax Hikes
  3. ejldurand
    #Obama press conference. Admits White House sent Susan #Rice to networks blaming anti-Mohammed film for #Benghazi, blames wrong intelligence
  4. TeaPartyCheer
    #Obama turns to familiar refrain in post-election press conference: Blame Bush…
  5. Dori_TalkNation
    Obama commenting on Arctic Ice Cap melt and climate change question. 10:41…

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Curious City

I think the audience for this story is just about anyone who’s ever entered Chicago. I’ve found myself wondering about neighborhood boundaries many times myself, and after a three year residence, I still have only a vague idea of what’s what when it comes to neighborhoods. I thought the map comparison was great, as I have never been able to figure out why there were so many different versions of neighborhood maps. I was also glad for the explanation of the difference between a community area and a neighborhood, and that one is recognized by the city while the other is not.

I assume the reporting for this piece was mostly done by asking people the reporters knew for their experiences or if they knew anyone from “x” neighborhood. This could also have been done man-on-the-street style by going into a neighborhood and asking a few people they saw walking around. Including the guy who makes neighborhood maps independently from the city cleared up so many questions I’ve had about how these maps get made. The reporters probably found one of his maps and contacted him directly.

I think the comic was a good way to add extra information about Edgewater specifically, but still keeping the written portion of the article about Chicago’s neighborhoods as a whole. The links to the photos the drawings were based off and the embedded interview were nice touches and added to its legitimacy. Also, anything interactive is usually pretty cool.  I wish the comic had been embedded so I could view it right on the page or at least showed up in a lightbox or new tab when I clicked it. I think one of the biggest rookie mistakes is leading your reader elsewhere halfway through an article.

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Working During the 2012 Election

  1. I worked all day on November 6th, so I missed out on most of the election festivities. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I know I’m not the only one.
    Some were worried about missing the election night experience.
  2. SirLeeJones702
    I hate that I will be working during the elections! I want to attend some election parties!!!
  3. The_GeekMaster
    Ugh. Working during election night sucks. Someone DM me if #obama wins please?? I want a surprise when i get off at midnight
  4. Others were a bit melodramatic in their claims that it ruined their lives.
  5. _christaMETH
    I’ll be working with two very opinionated people about politics during the election…my life is over.
  6. alyssa_altmayer
    Working during the election tomorrow. How fantastic is my life.
  7. Some were excited.
  8. SuziVoss
    I’m excited to be working at a tv news station during election night and the night after – it’s going to be an interesting experience!
  9. jnettoll
    I’m excited AF to be working tomorrow during the election stuff! Come eat pizza wiff meeee
  10. And others were just plain cynical.
  11. Gutithenueve
    I’m pissed off that I’m not working during the election. This means I’m gonna have 2 watch it on TV when I want 2 be watching somethin else
  12. Patches_O_Pamby
    Thrilled to not be working for a newspaper during the #election
  13. But then, a lone voice of reason appeared!
  14. caitbrook
    Perhaps voter turnout is so low because half of America is working during election day. It should be a holiday.
  15. I concur, Caitlin Holbrook. I concur. This is yours truly at work, post ballot casting.
  16. My managers and I checked for updates and results pretty frequently toward the end.
  17. After Obama’s victory was announced, everyone on social media became a comedian. I was more than okay with it.
  18. ChaseFegert
    Sorry republicans were working during the election #zing
  19. I sifted through a flood of election-related Facebook posts on my train ride home from work. It turns out my friends are very funny, so these are just a few of my favorites.
  20. Montana: “hey just wanted to say good job im proud!!”Obama: thank u girl, catch u on the flip!”
  21. Being stuck working in a basement with no cell signal and barely functional internet all evening during the election was kind of a bummer. I didn’t get a sense of how people were feeling or reacting to the votes rolling in until everything was already over. This has reminded me how important my mobile device is for keeping in touch with the world. Normally when I’m at work and communication is cut off, it’s not a big deal, but tonight I missed out on a little bit of history. If I have grandkids and they ask me about the night President Obama was reelected, all I can say is “I was stuck in the basement of an American Apparel with little to no contact from the outside world, but at least the stockroom looked nice.”

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Notes: From Paper to Your Device

My “dream app” would be one that could scan my written notes and turn them into a digital word file.  I do not like taking notes on my mobile device as lags frustrate me, and I often use it as my recording device as well. I don’t want any rustling noises on my recordings because I was over ambitiously multitasking.

Please excuse my less than uniform keyboard.

I’m not sure if technology applicable to this already exists, but I have a theory of how it may work.  This app would require a lot of personalization in order to be even remotely accurate.  I think it would require you to write out a few sentences, scan them, and then enter what they say into the app. You could also write out every letter of the alphabet in lower and upper case and scan them at respective screens within the app so it would recognize your handwriting. This method would work best with printed as opposed to cursive handwriting. Ideally, this app would be available for all devices regardless of operating system.

I can’t imagine an app like this working perfectly, or even close to it. There is so much room for error because no one’s letters can possibly look the EXACT same every time they write them. When scanning your letters into the app, you would have the option to write them out multiple times and scan them all to account for this inconsistency, but I still have my doubts about how user-friendly this would be.

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I have always noticed this “truthiness” behavior in myself and others, but never knew it had a name or scientific basis.  A piece of writing accompanied by photos usually seems more credible, so I’m more likely to trust a story that includes media.  For this reason, I always try to include at least one photo or video in my articles, where technology allows.

But I think this “fluency” concept could also be a dangerous one for journalists or media outlets who use it irresponsibly.  Adding photos and other content to your articles gives them credibility, but what if a writer, intentionally or subconsciously, included a not so relevant photo in order to sway the reader to his or her point of view.

This supports a theory I have that no matter how hard you try, objective journalism is impossible.  Any story with media is going to evoke some sort of feeling in the reader, whether you intended it or not.

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“Final” Arrested Development Documentary Trailer Released

The universe has already smiled on Arrested Development fans with the announcement of a new season and movie, but if you’re still not satisfied, this may appease you:

There has been an Arrested Development documentary in the works since 2007, and it will be full of exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.

It seems appropriate that there is no release date provided yet.

This documentary, like the fourth season, will take far too long to come out.