Mobile Journalism

Notes: From Paper to Your Device

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My “dream app” would be one that could scan my written notes and turn them into a digital word file.  I do not like taking notes on my mobile device as lags frustrate me, and I often use it as my recording device as well. I don’t want any rustling noises on my recordings because I was over ambitiously multitasking.

Please excuse my less than uniform keyboard.

I’m not sure if technology applicable to this already exists, but I have a theory of how it may work.  This app would require a lot of personalization in order to be even remotely accurate.  I think it would require you to write out a few sentences, scan them, and then enter what they say into the app. You could also write out every letter of the alphabet in lower and upper case and scan them at respective screens within the app so it would recognize your handwriting. This method would work best with printed as opposed to cursive handwriting. Ideally, this app would be available for all devices regardless of operating system.

I can’t imagine an app like this working perfectly, or even close to it. There is so much room for error because no one’s letters can possibly look the EXACT same every time they write them. When scanning your letters into the app, you would have the option to write them out multiple times and scan them all to account for this inconsistency, but I still have my doubts about how user-friendly this would be.


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