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Working During the 2012 Election

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  1. I worked all day on November 6th, so I missed out on most of the election festivities. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I know I’m not the only one.
    Some were worried about missing the election night experience.
  2. SirLeeJones702
    I hate that I will be working during the elections! I want to attend some election parties!!!
  3. The_GeekMaster
    Ugh. Working during election night sucks. Someone DM me if #obama wins please?? I want a surprise when i get off at midnight
  4. Others were a bit melodramatic in their claims that it ruined their lives.
  5. _christaMETH
    I’ll be working with two very opinionated people about politics during the election…my life is over.
  6. alyssa_altmayer
    Working during the election tomorrow. How fantastic is my life.
  7. Some were excited.
  8. SuziVoss
    I’m excited to be working at a tv news station during election night and the night after – it’s going to be an interesting experience!
  9. jnettoll
    I’m excited AF to be working tomorrow during the election stuff! Come eat pizza wiff meeee
  10. And others were just plain cynical.
  11. Gutithenueve
    I’m pissed off that I’m not working during the election. This means I’m gonna have 2 watch it on TV when I want 2 be watching somethin else
  12. Patches_O_Pamby
    Thrilled to not be working for a newspaper during the #election
  13. But then, a lone voice of reason appeared!
  14. caitbrook
    Perhaps voter turnout is so low because half of America is working during election day. It should be a holiday.
  15. I concur, Caitlin Holbrook. I concur. This is yours truly at work, post ballot casting.
  16. My managers and I checked for updates and results pretty frequently toward the end.
  17. After Obama’s victory was announced, everyone on social media became a comedian. I was more than okay with it.
  18. ChaseFegert
    Sorry republicans were working during the election #zing
  19. I sifted through a flood of election-related Facebook posts on my train ride home from work. It turns out my friends are very funny, so these are just a few of my favorites.
  20. Montana: “hey just wanted to say good job im proud!!”Obama: thank u girl, catch u on the flip!”
  21. Being stuck working in a basement with no cell signal and barely functional internet all evening during the election was kind of a bummer. I didn’t get a sense of how people were feeling or reacting to the votes rolling in until everything was already over. This has reminded me how important my mobile device is for keeping in touch with the world. Normally when I’m at work and communication is cut off, it’s not a big deal, but tonight I missed out on a little bit of history. If I have grandkids and they ask me about the night President Obama was reelected, all I can say is “I was stuck in the basement of an American Apparel with little to no contact from the outside world, but at least the stockroom looked nice.”

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